Friday, December 22, 2017

In FaceBook Jail Again

So I post a tasteful picture of a butthole that says "Give Us A Kiss Asshole" as commentary to all of the retarded political fodder and they put me in FB Jail for three days..  Yawn,  you mean to tell me that the censors could actually tell that it was a butthole? Ok,  Well, See for yourself:

I wonder what they woud have done if it was one of my dog's and if I would have gotten the same hand spanking.  Yup, about as dumb as the hot fuzzy dude's butt cheek I got in trouble for last summer. No intercourse, no junk photos, just an artistic fuzzy butt cheek.   Go figure...  Merry Effing Christmas!

Yet another moment in time!! Wheeeee!

Wow, what a past week. It started with disconnecting my iPad and wireless service and over to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Then with my iPhon...