Monday, January 15, 2018

Yet another moment in time!! Wheeeee!

Wow, what a past week. It started with disconnecting my iPad and wireless service and over to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Then with my iPhone 7 and over to my Galaxy Note 5 but yesterday the stylus broke off and got stuck inside. Off to the AT&T store where the trade in on both and my once a year “trade up” option paid off allowing me to get a "Galaxy Note 8" (trust me, better than *ANY* iPhone and truly the “Cadillac” of wireless phones for peeps with memory issues.) with a monthly price that’s about the same as it already was without yet another huge expense on my meager monthly survival wages. THANK YOU UNIVERSE! I really needed this more than you can imagine. OMG, I’m soo humble right now over this unexpected stuff.

I don’t geek out on Technology because it’s just fun. As a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, it’s a tool used each day incomparable to “real world” peeps incapable of understanding how hard some ordinary things can be for us. No, I’m not just another
#MeToo person screaming MAC or Windows is better. I have my own ‘cold hard facts’ earned the hard way to prove the course of my journey. So point your finger and scream XYZ is better if you wish. But remember, what’s better for you isn’t necessarily better for someone with ‘Cognitive Memory Disease’ for the rest of their life. May 27th 2018 will be 16 years that I almost died when I took Dorian Russell on my motorcycle to be with his partner at a local club, headed home and got hit by a drunk. Punished by God for doing something good for another and almost loosing my life in the process.

Abandoned by those I ‘though’ were my BFF friends, I lost my job, business, my livelihood,and many of the normal things I cherished the most in life. Still, my husband of 23 years stood by my side through it all proving the true power of love and also willpower. In four years, I’ve asked my social media friends to include me in face to face social things but not a single one of them did. Funny that huh? Guess I really didn’t matter that much after all. In return, guess their opinions don’t matter much to me either. In fact, the reality of it all taught me painful lessons I wished I never had to learn but it also taught me to truly love myself for the person I am and not the person I ‘should have been’ instead.

It’s amusing how in just two weeks 50+ FB peeps have friended me (none of them local) and how “Sexy” they think I am begging me to show them my junk. Yup, amusing, entertaining and seriously fake. Not one of them bothered to read my FB profile as they asked if I was gay, how big my cock is, and other sundry bogus crap. From Nigera, Gambia, Guam, whatever. Looking for a ‘free pass’ to enter the USA as their real personal agenda. I wish them all well without malice cuz I know the Gods of KARMA truly do exist. However, when I die and get to those Pearly Gates, If there is a muther-fukin almighty God, I truly plan to punch that bastard in the face and scream “HOW DARE YOU” before receiving my final sentencing.

So be afraid for me, BE VERY VERY AFFRAID because my temper is beyond boiling and beyond any volcanic eruption known to man. What (He,She,They,It) did was wrong and I am living proof of that fact and I intend to force that KARMA back at them in return. So fuck your guardian angels or invisible forces of good vs. evil. None of them was ever around when I needed them the most and for that, I banish/vanquish you all for failing to do your so-called job.

Judgement doesn’t feed, love, pay bills, or caress me when I’m sad. Opinions are like assholes and every living creature has one and maybe more of you should remember this when throwing shade or hate to another. This isn’t the life I dreamt of but I’m strong and capable of adapting better than others have around me. For that I’m thankful and always will be. My family is dead to me. God is non-existent but my sense of values, morals, and willpower are the very essence of of me and I seek no approval or acceptance, respect from anyone except MYSELF!

Friday, December 22, 2017

In FaceBook Jail Again

So I post a tasteful picture of a butthole that says "Give Us A Kiss Asshole" as commentary to all of the retarded political fodder and they put me in FB Jail for three days..  Yawn,  you mean to tell me that the censors could actually tell that it was a butthole? Ok,  Well, See for yourself:

I wonder what they woud have done if it was one of my dog's and if I would have gotten the same hand spanking.  Yup, about as dumb as the hot fuzzy dude's butt cheek I got in trouble for last summer. No intercourse, no junk photos, just an artistic fuzzy butt cheek.   Go figure...  Merry Effing Christmas!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Welcome to the HOOVER of my Life!! Yup, it really SUX.

Been going through a bit of depression lately.  

I have never been so "out of pocket" since I was a teenager living on my own.  I recently made it through bankruptcy, trashed all the credit cards and the only thing left is my bank ATM, my monthly Social Security Deposit of about 2k to live on for the entire month.  Hard to believe I used to live on 2k every two weeks and most peeps were amazed I was comfortable at that meger amount with a full-blown geek career.

Got no more family, got no more friends except for maybe two. Birthday's around the corner and I just don't fucking care. Not thankful for a goddamn thing.  Read my lips, NOTHING.  Rather than voice my anger and disappointment out loud, I just sit silently.   There is zero benefit (besides sympathy) to sharing how I feel with others and I've never been a big fan of sympathy or those offering it.  No thank you, I'll do it myself.. blah blah blah blah...  Even if it kills me.

Over the past couple weeks, my sleep habits are fucked up.. Husband wants to start snoring at 9pm so I try to do the same only to find myself wide awake and ready to start the day at 1AM.  Da Faq?   Next thing ya know I'm tired at 10am and ready for a friggin nap.  Spend most of the day either behind a laptop in the living room or in bed.  What a fabulous life... NOT!   Worse, I seem to be the only one around here running dishwashers, laundry, yard crap, trash, and counting out coins from an old piggy bank so I can afford to buy milk for coffee.  How sad is this?

His Jeep sits idle in the garage with no money for registration or even gas for that matter.  The Harley and the Honda Helix sit uselessly and since neither run, they're probably worthless.  Even if I could peddle stuff on eBay how the fuck could I afford to mail it with an overdraft bank account and only $5 left in my pocket?  Yeah, trust me, people, there is no exaggeration going on here.  In fact, maybe a lot of glossing over shit that I don't even want to mention anymore.

So I sit and wait...  For what? I have no fucking idea!  

No money, no family, no social life, haven't even been to a gay bar in two years. So why do I continue reading the bullshit on FaceBook or watching the News?  Besides other people's misfortune, what benefit does it provide me?

The goddamn government threatens to punish me if I seek a part-time side job. Punish me with no health care or even reduction in my monthly 2K check.  So in a couple weeks I'm going to be 56 and living off $24,000 take home a month in a paid off house that costs $4,000 a year in taxes and have no idea how the hell that's going to materialize come next month (yeah, next month is December)  I'm willing to do something to change this but from every single goddamn direction there's nothing but a brick wall with zero solution to the tiny box I've gotten stuck in.   Thankful?  Really?    This is how we treat good people who help others all their life?  This is the price for independence?  This is freedom?  This is what happens to peeps who contribute large amounts of their weekly paychecks for false hope returns?

Sorry, but I'm really hating life right now... If you can call it that.  Those I cared for and trusted have done such a great job of letting me down.  Even my husband hasn't physically touched me in a decade though we sleep in the same fucking bed separated by critters with the excuse that my body is too damn hot to cuddle with or a dick that won't get hard enough to fuck.  Wow, gee thanks.  Be strong Rik, Be strong...  Why? Who The Fuck Knows or Cares...    Yup, wash, rinse, repeat.

Someone remind me why I continue to wake up each day? What is my purpose? Yup, happy Birthday to me,  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to the rest of Y'all.    WHATEVER!    Says the man who feels unloved and without a purpose on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 3.:33AM

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Well, it took awhile, had to fight crashed databases, mucked up scrambled config files and all sorts of other nasties but I finally added/updated the link to this blog. (Oh Joy, Big Deal So What?) Now it will be interesting to see if there are any readers out there.  I'll think positive but I'm not going to expect much based on past letdowns. 

Whatever, at least it's a place I can post stuff and remain in control of it all avoiding the status quo censorship crap.  I've gotten sick of people warning me about youngsters using FB knowing that by the time said youngsters reach the minimum required 17 years of age. Most have come into contact with far worse.  But I digress, so now I have a place of my very own where I can write or post whatever the fuck I want without digital hand slapping...

Monday, October 9, 2017

FABREZE - Cuz some of the things you like Stink!!

Have you seen the new TV commercial yet?

FABREZE COMMERCIAL: - Cuz some of the things 'you like' Stink!!

--->>> Does this go for ASSHOLES and gay men??

What's that smell???

Dick-In-A-Box sounds better than Grindr or Tinder

Dick-In-A-Box sounds better than Grindr or Tinder

posted Sep 4, 2017, 4:04 AM by Rik Wallin
If Jack In The Box is for food and sandwiches why not Dick In The Box for Sex and Blowjobs?  Doesn't it make more sense?  I mean really, no need for hidden innuendo in wording.  Don't like the word Dick? How about Cock? After all, it's the thing rural peeps wake up listening to each morning and Men all over the world wake up to calling it 'Morning Wood' don't they?? Instead, people who don't like the "vulgarity" of words (which I think is absolutely stupid) go far and out of their way to sprinkle glitter on things they don't like in the concept is more accepting.  Why?  Da'FuQ???   With all this horseshit, how come religion never had a commandment with 'Thou Shalt Not Use Yucky Words' since so many take such offense?  Or, maybe 'Thou Shalt Not Listen To Yucky Words' might be better for some.  Wouldn't want God to send you to Hail for sayin' Yucky words now would ya??

Free Social Sites for Adults

Free Social Sites for Adults

posted May 14, 2017, 10:26 PM by Rik Wallin
As a gay dude you can probably guess that I have my share of dude porn stored on various hard drives. I've been working for a past few days trying to build my own Bulletin Board type systems that won't smack my hands and cut me off for showing a picture of a man's dick in another man's mouth.  So I thought I'd try my luck at running and building my own phpBB on my own net server space.  It came along nicely till I learned that I could only contribute the types of files they chose and reprimanded for trying to post a couple shared videos.   From there I went to Google's Blogger.. no luck there either.. and then I finally settled with Tumblr which doesn't censor your shit.  So far, so good and if all goes well over the new few days I'll have the official "RumpRangers" site online soon.

Yet another moment in time!! Wheeeee!

Wow, what a past week. It started with disconnecting my iPad and wireless service and over to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Then with my iPhon...