Monday, October 9, 2017

Dick-In-A-Box sounds better than Grindr or Tinder

Dick-In-A-Box sounds better than Grindr or Tinder

posted Sep 4, 2017, 4:04 AM by Rik Wallin
If Jack In The Box is for food and sandwiches why not Dick In The Box for Sex and Blowjobs?  Doesn't it make more sense?  I mean really, no need for hidden innuendo in wording.  Don't like the word Dick? How about Cock? After all, it's the thing rural peeps wake up listening to each morning and Men all over the world wake up to calling it 'Morning Wood' don't they?? Instead, people who don't like the "vulgarity" of words (which I think is absolutely stupid) go far and out of their way to sprinkle glitter on things they don't like in the concept is more accepting.  Why?  Da'FuQ???   With all this horseshit, how come religion never had a commandment with 'Thou Shalt Not Use Yucky Words' since so many take such offense?  Or, maybe 'Thou Shalt Not Listen To Yucky Words' might be better for some.  Wouldn't want God to send you to Hail for sayin' Yucky words now would ya??

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