Monday, October 9, 2017

Wow, got emotion from all angles today.

Wow, got emotion from all angles today.

posted Jul 25, 2016, 4:06 PM by Rik Wallin
Early this morning I got into a snark with my sister, Tina Woloszyn and my two nephews.  It would seem the nephews are filled with hate over the democratic party and Hillary Clinton.  I find this shocking since Bill Clinton was responsible for having the lowest unemployment and trade deficit in the past three decades. Why does it always seem that it's easy to jump on the "crazy train" but they never seem to finish their homework before doing so??  Then I take control of my own life and get lots of opinion from outside about how I "should have" blah blah blah after the fact.  Today, it came down to the wire on my FaceBook page where I asked everyone on my friend list to please un-friend me if they plan to vote Trump.  Sis replies with snark about me being too political, taking FaceBook too seriously. Really? Too seriously? Ummm, let me review for a moment.  The only method I have of communication with my sister and her family is either by phone or over Facebook.  The last time I spoke to her was in January and last I checked this is July of 2016.  So mom croaks a year ago, I'm too poor to go east for the wake and funeral. I decline their offer to pay for air fare knowing they are financial recovering from foreclosure and bankruptcy themselves. Too Seriously?

So mom croaks and a lawyer is sending crap to me every two weeks cuz they're trying to off the house and the estate as quickly as possible. The house sells in the first quarter of 2016 and from there no further updates on stuff.   No itemized list of what was sold, the car, the interior furnishings, etc,  Nothing at all other than she mentioned she got 5,500 for the car that I recommended they save for my Nephew Aidan who was nearing the age of 16 and of driving age. But I digress...    So let's see, I'm too political because I'm worried that the country will be taken over by the orange faced penis seeking media attention but with little cold hard facts on how he's going to enforce the fantasies he plans to fix..   Maybe he could consider filing "National Bankruptcy" similar to the  stuff he did with his multitude of bogus companies.   Hello, yup, that's me, the unbelieving Democrat cast in concrete. The guy who took political action agains poppy Bush for turning away drug approval/therapy for dying AIDS victims.  Yup, far too political to get his ACT-UP group on the front of the Washington Post demanding compassionate help. Did I mention that George H. W. Busy was a republican just like this Trump person?   Suppose my nephew came down with AIDS from shooting drugs or kinky sex with...  whatever... and suppose this was about poppy Bush not providing drug help rushing my nephew to the express fate of death even though more could have been done. I wonder how "political" I would be accused of being then? 

So ask about the estate settlement and I get told that she wants it to hurry up too cuz she's got two college tuitions to worry about, blah blah blah.   I just shut up and didn't even type another word.  My Husband formed the Wynn Wagner College Tuition Foundation and prior to the horrendous Bernie Madoff destruction of so many people's life savings, he had planned on leaving enough of that money for the kids to have help with college in his will certified by a lawyer. 

He and nephew Austin got into a bit of political discourse and Austin suggested that Uncle Wynn/Sven "unfollow" him.  Well, that being said, Uncle Hus did better, he decided to "unfriend" him instead.   Cut off the sewage at the source I guess. 

Today I got to MicroCenter with Huz and I've been hoping to buy a new laptop. Rather than wait for the damn estate settlement I decided to pick out two of them, one for each of us and put it on my 10K MasterCard. The card is declined and I'm shocked because I've had to rely on it for medicine and other important bills not realizing how high the balance really was.  So I get depressed and begin to feel like there's some kind of conspiracy that hell bent on putting up brick walls in every positive direction either Sven or I head towards.  Health issues, money issues, emotional issues, and on and on...  Yeah, the Wiccan high priest, and the Old Catholic Priest / Archbishop kicked in the ass when they least expect it.   That will fix them for all the generosity and compassion they offered others freely throughout their lives.  What a concept huh??  Guess again, we get home today and my Husband informs me that two Kick Ass MacBook laptops are in-route for both of us in the next couple days courtesy of the broken assistance of two college funds.  No worries about being too political.  I wonder if a "thank you" card is is order for my nephew Austin?  Whatever, Rock On Dude... and remember, we really do reap what we sow. Early on, mom and dad really didn't want our help so instead of wasting the generosity we decided to use it for ourselves.  Sweet huh?? 

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